Chartering/Barging/RORO/TUG Supply

At Aberdeen we have expertise of handling huge complex and super heavy cargoes.

Chartering/Barging/RORO/TUG Supply

When it comes to chartering, Aberdeen rises to the occasion. Our growth mantra is because we listen to you, our valued customers. We take pride in having great long term relationships with our vessel owners, stake holders and customers. Today, we are a seasoned campaigner in chartering and heavy cargo movements all over the world.

Complex Cargo

At Aberdeen we have expertise of handling such huge complex and super heavy cargoes. We use state of the art shipping technology, creative and cost effective solutions for challenges in handling complex cargo.


Barging is a vital part of shipping super heavy cargo through inland waterways and even international. Barging makes transportation along any nation’s Inland Waterways System both economical and environment friendly. In fact, a single barge can hold as much cargo as 15 rail cars or 60 semi trailer trucks. Towboats also offer greater fuel efficiency than other modes of transportation, and as a result, they allow for cleaner air and reduced emissions.

Barging not only require the main facilities of barging, tugs, ramps, ballasting pumps, generators, sounding devices, lashing wires, turnbuckles, welding sets and oxi-cutters etc. It also demands for the precise knowledge of navigation route, hydro dynamics, towing technique, pilot regulation, tidal condition and port condition. Aberdeen has its expertise on barging in all countries where it is present.


RORO (roll on –roll off) is a method used to load cargo from land to vessels or vice versa by wheels, by use of truck or the cargo itself rolled on or rolled off. We have all the expertise to handle RORO vessels in all major ports of the world.

TUG Supply

TUG Supply is yet another area of our expertise. Should you requirements be any kind of tugs, we have the expertise to cater to your need.